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In our guide to home lighting, we spoke with two experts who made it clear that you really can have it all when it comes to finding the best options for lighting your home. Yup, that includes setting the scene for the perfect night of binging 90 Day Fiancé in your pajamas, while sipping a glass of wine or two.  From a refreshed version of a ’90s classic to an updated iteration of a college dorm room standby, here are some options to get you started.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to install recessed lighting, these should be your first pick. Not only can you adjust these from cool-toned daylight to warm and cozy amber, they can also connect to your smart home device (if you’re into that kind of thing). This is great for most activities including cleaning, cooking, reading, resting, and more. Interior Track Lighting

15 Lighting Products That Will Work in Any Home, From a Cramped Studio to a Windowless Basement - Dwell

If you’re really looking to step outside of basic lighting options, this multi-colored orb will definitely get the job done. A great example of ambient lighting, it will complement whatever lamps or other lighting you already have. The orb is also portable and can be moved around a room, which is great for when you’re trying to figure out your set-up.

Torchiere lamps are an attractive option if you have a space that is seriously lacking natural light. They direct light upwards at the ceiling, which creates faux sunshine that can be reflected across any room. They were extremely popular in the ’90s, but luckily newer models like this one from Pottery Barn offer a more modern approach.

One of the best ways to save money while shopping for lighting is to pair an expensive premium shade with an affordable lamp base. (No one will ever know, and you can always swap out the cheaper base as you continue to upgrade your space.) This absolutely gorgeous aged brass lampshade from Shades of Light easily add a vintage feel to any lighting fixture.

Don’t worry renters, we didn’t forget about you—these smart bulbs can be used anywhere and don’t require landlord approval. The bulbs can be controlled via phone and offer thousands of color combinations, though our experts do suggest steering away from the rainbow.

Don’t knock track lighting, as it’s a great option for darker homes. This three-light kit is fairly simple, but offers lighting for focused tasks like cleaning, writing, and reading.

Brightech’s stylish and affordable lighting options are great for those looking to balance style with price. The lamp doubles as decor and also fills rooms with moody, ambient lighting.

Yes, you’ve probably seen this lamp all over TikTok and Instagram, and for good reason, because it is very cool looking. This lamp won’t fill your space with light but it will make things feel just a bit cozier. It can also be placed on a desk or table or hung on a wall. Yay for options!

Picture sconces have one purpose, and one purpose only: to illuminate whatever is hanging directly under them, like your favorite piece of Goodwill scored artwork. Note: While this fixture requires hardwiring, renters can opt for a plug-in version or use rechargeable light bulbs as an alternative.

Wall sconces bring an air of sophistication to a space that allows you to perfectly balance design with function. They’re a great option for renters who are looking to add another layer of lighting and decor to their homes. They can be placed around furniture or on odd walls. And since this sconce from Article is a plug-in, it’ll only take 15 minutes to install.

When done right, rope lighting can actually elevate a space, instead of making it feel like a college dorm. Use rope lighting to bring attention to specific pieces placing it to illuminate the furniture from behind. Rope lighting can also be used as wall decor as it’s flexible enough to be molded into different shapes.

Go ahead and show the corners of your room some love with this floor lamp that fits perfectly in the corner of any room. Adjust the brightness with the dimmer switch on the plug cord, which will help set the mood even more.

Once an antique fixture, newer sconce designs offer a more modern take on the classic design. This one from Lumens is available in two antique finishes—burnished brass and polished antique nickel—and offers warm, diffused lighting. It can be hardwired into the wall or used with rechargeable lightbulbs.

Okay, so technically a mirror isn’t a lighting option. But if you place a mirror directly across from a window, the mirror will reflect more light into the room and make the room appear bigger.

These LED candles set the mood while also allowing your guests to enjoy the night without the imminent danger of setting the entire place on fire. And because they’re not real, you can put them anywhere you’d put a light source: in the middle of a dinner table, on top of a counter, or even in a corner of any room.

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15 Lighting Products That Will Work in Any Home, From a Cramped Studio to a Windowless Basement - Dwell

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