Must-have Air Fryer accessories to cook healthy food

2022-11-07 16:10:42 By : Mr. Chen Andy

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Air fryers have gained popularity as a healthy and multipurpose cooking option. You can grill, bake, fry, and reheat food in an air fryer. It allows you to cook food with minimum oil, making it healthy yet delicious. If you want to get the best out of your air fryer, get their accessories now. The air fryer accessories ensure your food is not wasted and save you time. These are easy to use and clean. So read on to learn about the must-have air fryer accessories.

1.Inalsa Air Fryer accessory box, set of 27

You get 13 accessories (27 items) with Inalsa Air Fryer accessory kit - cake pan, pizza pan, silicone mat, metal holder, silicone muffin cups, rack for screwers, bread shelf, parchment paper, dish plate cup, silicon mini mitts, silicon oil brush, stainless steel extractor, recipe book, and food tong. All the accessories are compatible with an air fryer of 2.9 L capacity and above. The air fryer accessory kit is a must-have for everyone.

Reusable and environment-friendly silicone material

The kit is compatible with OTGs as well

Recipe book for first-time users

2.Parchment Paper Baking Circles Liners

Parchment papers help reduce the amount of food residue on the fryer. It saves your cleaning time and ensures less food wastage. It is useful in frying, grilling, baking, and BBQ. It is made with high-quality material and is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Special feature: Heat-resistant and non-sticky

3.Hasthip Air Fryer reusable silicone pot

If you are not a fan of disposable air fryer liners, try Hasthip Air Fryer reusable silicone pot. It is made with high-quality silicone material and is reusable. Plus, it is easy to clean, which saves you time. The ear handles make it convenient to use.

Special feature: Dishwasher safe, Non-sticky, No scrubbing needed

4.Air Fryer accessories recipe cookbook

You can cook better quality meals in less time with an air fryer. If you are new to air fryers, this book will come in handy. It has many easy-to-cook recipes. The book also tells you how to use various accessories in an air fryer. Get this book to cook delicious mouth-watering food at the ease of your home.

Available in Kindle and Paperback

Recipes to Air Fry, Bake, Grill and Roast, Cooking

5.Trifecta silicone Air Fryer liners

Silicone liners for air fryers are an eco-friendly and affordable accessory that prevents food from sticking to the fryer. If you don’t like using parchment paper, Trifecta Silicone Air Fryer Liners are the best option for you. These are square and round in shape and perforated. The silicone liners are compatible with most air fryers. These are reusable and easy to clean.

6.Baskety german stainless steel cooking tong

A heat-resistant tong is a must-have if you use an air fryer. The food is cooked at high temperatures, and you do not want to risk burning your hand. The silicone head ensures you do not scratch the fryer surface. Plus, it has a locking head that tightly holds the food without spilling. Its handle is made of stainless steel, so it is durable.

Material: Silicone and stainless steel

Special feature: Head locking, Nondetachable head

7.Dash 6-piece Air Fryer accessory kit

The Dash air fryer accessory kit has everything you need for roasting, baking, and frying. It has a baking pan, pizza pan, double-layer rack, and screwers. All the accessories are made with high-quality material, which increases the durability and longevity of the products. These are compatible with all standard air fryers and OTGs.

Dimensions: 6-inch Deep Baking Pan, 6-inch Pizza pan, 65-inch Double-layer rack

8.Rasse XL Air Fryer accessories with recipe cookbook

The Rasse air fryer accessory kit is a one-time investment in accessories. It has ten accessories made with high-quality, durable material. These are going to last you forever. The accessories you get in the kir are a baking pan, pizza pan, egg bites mould, silicone mat, metal holder, double holder rack, silicone spatula oil brush, mitts, muffin cups, food tong, parchment paper, hot plate holder, and refrigerator magnets.

FDA-approved and BPA Free material

One of the reasons people prefer an air fryer is it requires less oil. An oil sprayer adds sufficient oil to cook the perfect golden brown food. It also avoids spilling oil and flimsy kitchen tops. Thighs oil sprayer is multifunctional, and you can use any oil of your choice.

• Dimension: 10W x 10H Centimeters

10.OXO Good grips silicone baking cups, pack of 12

Craving muffins and cupcakes now and then?

OXO Good grips silicone baking cups are your best investment for air fryer accessories. It comes in a set of 12 and is multicoloured. These are made with high-grade silicone, so they last you longer and are eco-friendly.

3 Best features of each Air Fryer accessory

Best value for money Air Fryer accessory

Inalsa Air Fryer Accessory Box offers the best value for money. It is an all-in-one kit to help you cook healthy food in an air fryer. All the products are made with high-quality food-grade material, increasing durability and longevity. It also means it is a one-time investment. Also, the accessory kit is non-toxic and environment-friendly.

Overall best Air Fryer accessory

RASSE XL Air Fryer Accessories with Recipe Cookbook is the best air fryer accessory. It contains ten accessories sufficient to cook, grill, fry, bake and reheat food in an air fryer. The kit also has a recipe book that helps cook various dishes, from starters to desserts. Most of the accessories are made with silicone so that you can reuse them and are easy to clean.

How to find the perfect Air Fryer accessory?

Consider the following points while buying the best air fryer accessories.

Functionality & Compatibility: The accessories you buy should be useful and compatible with an air fryer. Otherwise, they will become another pile of unnecessary items in the kitchen.

Reusable: The accessories you buy should be reusable. It saves money and helps reduce waste. Also, it is useful if the accessories are compatible with other appliances like OTG and microwave ovens. It saves you money on buying separate items.

Price: The market is filled with a variety of accessories for air fryers. So always ensure to compare the prices and quality of the products before buying.

Price list of best Air Fryer accessories

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You can use many accessories for an air fryer. The most commonly used accessories are baking pans, double-layer racks, screwers, silicone liners, muffin cups, oil sprayers and parchment papers. If you don’t want to buy each item separately, an air fryer accessory kit is the best option.

You can use a glass dish with a sturdy base. The dish should be oven-safe and made of borosilicate or tempered glass. Do not use soda-lime glass dishes as they can not stand the high temperature of air fryers.

Air fryer liners prevent the sticking of food to the fryer. The perforated liners allow heat to flow evenly, ensuring your food is cooked nicely. You can use parchment paper or silicone liners. 

Silicone is the best material for liners or cups for an air fryer. You can also use oven-safe glass products.

An air fryer is the best option for reheating fried or baked food items. Ir ensures your food remains crispy.