20 tons/day combined rice mill price and rice mill

CTNM20 Complete Set Combined Rice Mill                                            Overall View of CTNM20 Compl

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CTNM20 Complete Set Combined Rice Mill  

 20 Tons/Day Combine Rice Mill Machine Price with Rice Polisher

                                         Overall View of CTNM20 Complete Set Combined Rice Mill

20 Tons/Day Combine Rice Mill Machine Price with Rice Polisher
1Feeding Hopper2Single Elevator
3TZQY54 Drum Type Paddy Cleaner 4QSX45 Destoner
5Double Elevator6MLGT20 8" Rubber Roller Husker
7MGCZ70×6 Gravity Paddy Separator 815 Large Volume Inhale-air Emery Roller Rice Mill
9Rice Grader10Electric Control Box

3.Main configuration and technical parameters
Rice milling rate (%)68-72%68-72%68-72%
Cleaner and de-stonerTZQY54/QSX45TZQY54/QSX45TZQY54/QSX45
Paddy separatorMGCZ70×6MGCZ70×6MGCZ70×6
Rice millNF15A(1pc)NF15A(1pc)NF15A(1pc)
Rice graderBasic rice graderMJP50×2MJP50×2
Rice polisher//MPGT12.5
Single elevatorDTG19/8-1pcDTG19/8-2pcsDTG19/8-3pcs
Double elevatorDTG19/8-8DTG19/8-8DTG19/8-8
Overall dimension(mm)3300×1200×34003800×1200×34005000×1200×3400

4. Product Features 

Unibody base designed for convenient transportation and installation, stable operation, low space occupation.
4-2 High efficiency double-layer drum type cleaning sieve, strong precleaning performance.
4-3 It improves production efficiency by the unique rehulling leftover paddy design.
4-4 Innovative emery roller whitening technology, low rice temperature, less bran remains, improves the rice quality.
4-5  Smooth processing flow, easy operation for just one person.
4-6 Independent safe electric control system for more convenient operation.
4-7 Improved transmission system  extends duration of consumption parts
4-8 Equipped with Rice Grader System to improve the polished rice level.  
4-9 Modula design, reserves connectivity with follow up equipments to double mill, grade and sorte for better rice quality.
4-10  Low investment and high yield

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